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Expedia is a renowned and leading online travel company that runs various localised websites for travellers in the world to select and book hotel accommodations all over the world.


Expedia brings the world to people and that is our inspiration for our office interior design. This resulted in Ampersand’s winning idea – To amplify Expedia’s business nature by bringing the world into Expedia office on top of the efficient use of space.


For this office renovation project, materials and components of Asian tourist destinations like Chinese embroideries, Indian silk, graphic printouts and ornamental lamps were some of the products used to create the world within the Expedia office.


To further strengthen the office design concept, Ampersand used elements of the travel industry like vintage luggage tags, passport chops and airline chairs at various parts of the office. This resulted in a modernised and artsy look. The mixture of good space utilisation and a clever design concept made Expedia office interior design the talking point amongst patrons and visitors till today.




Floor Size

14,000 sq ft

Expedia - Office Interior Design

The LCD tv is used as a signage wall with passport chops to act as a digital divider between the reception area and the rest of the office.

Expedia - Office Interior Design

The waiting area, stylised like a gallery feature, is decorated with monochrome closed-up portraits of iconic figures to capture attention in a subtle manner.

Expedia - Office Interior Design

Expedia’s boardroom boasts vintage luggage tags as a focal point.

Expedia - Office Interior Design

India themed discussion corner that uses indian motifs and illustration.

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