Nets - Office Interior Design
The spacious reception carries durable and appropriate materials to withstand at least 200pax at one go.

NETS – Office Renovation Singapore

Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) Pte Ltd is Singapore’s designated national payment system. They have been offering multiple payment and financial processing services since 1985. It includes NETS EFTPOS, Cashcard, FlashPay and iNETS.


Nets Card Centre acquired a 26,000 sq space to house 200 staff due to business expansion. Therefore they needed an office interior design company to help them with that expansion. The main goal was to make the office space self-contained and flexible enough to house a production area and all sorts of functions internally.


Based on their office design requirements, Ampersand helped create a Social Hub. It includes a breakout area comprising of three meeting rooms that could be converted to a town hall meeting setting to house all staff. The construction of the production area from scratch meant being aware of critical factors like time, heavy machines and security systems and translating them into a suitable production timeline which Ampersand worked very closely with the staff to produce.


To accommodate the heavy usage of facilities within the space, durable and appropriate materials were used during the office renovation process. Ampersand did not compromise the aesthetics value of the overall office design to create an office space that the staff of NETS were proud to work in.




Floor Size

26,000 sq ft

Nets - Office Interior Design

Meeting rooms at NETS were fitted with a modular design furniture for flexible arrangement.

Nets - Office Interior Design

A social hub that could be three meeting room or a town hall as well.

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