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Designed for your Needs

Pre-leased Consulting Services

Our work begins even before the design stage. At this point, we help clients source for a suitable space for their businesses by working out space requirements, cost estimates and advice them on the options available in the market today according to their requirements.

Commercial Interior Design

Office space design has an impact on a company’s performance and culture. Hence, our design concepts are produced only after fully understanding our client’s business needs for today and tomorrow. With this understanding, we then work towards proposing design concepts that balance aesthetics with functionality, always ending with a very satisfied client.

Engineering Services

We engage professional engineers to comply with building regulations and provide their expertise on fire safety and environmentally friendly design to cater to our clients’ social responsibility efforts.

Project Management

Our team of highly experienced project managers are on hand to ensure that every project is delivered on time, within budget, and is kept to the highest possible standards. They keep clients updated by holding regular meetings throughout the lifespan of a project, through to the finishing line and even beyond, explaining our long term partnerships with out returning clients.

Construction Services

Construction services are carried out by our trusted partners in the building construction industry whom we have a longstanding working relationship with over the years. These services include the physical, M&E and IT infrastructure that are prevalent in all establishments.

Relocation & Reinstatement

We understand the essential need for businesses to experience minimal disruption while construction or relocation is ongoing. Hence, we aptly plan a relocation schedule very carefully and advice our clients on the internal communications that need to take place in order for a stress free move during the entire process.


For clients who need to reinstate their premises to its original condition, we focus on the most cost effective ways to meet the building management’s requirements and do the best we can to help them achieve tadesirable outcome.

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