Transamerica - Office Interior Design
Image of iconie Transamerica buildings over the world displayed to function as main focal point at the reception area.

Transamerica – Office Renovation Singapore

Transamerica is a leading provider of insurance and investment products for companies and individuals and part of the Aegon Group, a well-renowned insurance and financial services organisation in the world.


The need for an office interior design project arises because Transamerica was undergoing major re-branding and restructuring. Ampersand was able to support their office renovation by maximizing output while minimizing input. Termed as ‘cosmetics’ interior design, Ampersand sourced and used cost effective materials with a rich and dark finishing to ‘touch up’ the office face and give it a more high-end look. The end result was a satisfied client and a space as good as new but at a lowr cost.




Floor Size

7,000 sq ft

Transamerica - Office Interior Design

The staff lounge encompasses various types of furniture and warm colors to house informal meetings and staff dinners.

Transamerica - Office Interior Design

The boardroom followed closely to the corporate identity in a modern yet formal manner.

Transamerica - Office Interior Design

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